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Hair transplantation can be done on burned skin

Whether hair loss is caused by trauma or after burns, all of them are treated...

Increase in the number of German patients

In my own practice, I see this as an opportunity to turn the pandemic into an opportunity...

Ersin Korkut's hair transplant specialist

Thanks to the functionality of stem cells, the retention rate of transplanted hair increases

Start the Change from the Beginning

Aziz Aksöz's hair, around the hair, science, what is scientific, what should be excluded...
Ekran görüntüsü 2022-08-25 121240

Before puberty

Hair loss with gene transmission from generation to generation affects all age groups...

Organic Hair Transplant

The stem cell injection used in the operation makes the transplantation area fertile.
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Gen transmission

Hair loss through gene transmission from generation to generation affects all age groups.

Increase in the number of Ger

48 percent decline in health tourism during the pandemic period