Hello, I am Aziz Aksöz.

The 21st century, in which technological and scientific developments have reached a dizzying pace, is also the period in which information becomes outdated the fastest. In such times, sometimes developments cannot be followed and people become confused with "new", "newer" or "newest" information. The safe harbor of such periods is always "experience and knowledge".

I can clearly state that I have always endeavored to keep my "experience and knowledge" up to date by following both technological and scientific developments simultaneously for more than ten years that I have been working in the sector and that I have tried to lead my profession. After graduating from the Department of Medical Laboratory at Istanbul University, I worked in laboratories for a few years. The biggest advantage of my department was to have a competent knowledge of research, development, medical analysis and almost every disease finding. We received very good training on experimental test and analysis findings, as well as how a laboratory should be set up. As a result of this, I personally helped and pioneered the opening of the laboratory departments of many large hospitals in Turkey. In the meantime, I met hair transplantation. Again by researching, again by adding new information to my knowledge, I started to examine what was happening in hair transplantation not only in Turkey but also in the world.

Yes, hair and hair transplantation is my passion, so I can say that I am really in love with my profession.

I must say that my work as a hair specialist is not limited to these. I always strive to be a "careful and attentive" researcher and to contribute to the development of my profession by sharing the scientific data I produce with my colleagues on all appropriate platforms.

At the beginning of my contributions to the literature and to our colleagues, the successful results that exceed the standards I have achieved in hair transplantation quality with the techniques developed by myself can be put in the first place.

Our success in points such as "natural and age-appropriate hairline" and "balancing hair density", which most of our clients are sensitive to, has brought satisfaction levels to the peak points.

"Hair transplantation" is never just "hair transplantation". Our internal techniques obtained with invisible "experience and knowledge" such as separation and classification of follicles, determination of their characteristic structures, making appropriate root preferences according to the blood circulation of the skin make the results more satisfying than ever.

Thanks to the special technique we have developed for the transplantation of curly hair, it has become possible to provide a high quality and satisfactory service to a large group of clients with serious problems.

Finally, a good hair specialist must also be a good educator. As Aziz Aksöz, in the light of the experience and knowledge I have gained over the years, I have always trained my own staff personally and as a team, and we have trained hundreds of hair transplant technicians. Hair transplant specialists and technicians who have been trained from the Aziz Aksöz school by going through a completely unique education system are today the most preferred employees in the sector.

One of my important contributions to the literature is the results of a series of 1030 cases published in Europe's most respected plastic surgery journal (European Journal of Plastic Surgery/2018). With extremely low complication rates, high graft numbers and hair densities well above average even in the long term, the article has attracted attention in the scientific world.

If hair transplantation is not only hair transplantation but also an art, the "knowledge and experience" of the artist makes it unnecessary to talk about many issues in detail. As Aziz Aksöz, a hair transplant specialist who is in love with his work, who personally deals with all his patients and performs the operations himself, I can guarantee that I can add more to you than you expect and that we can easily exceed your expectations.

My basic working philosophy and source of motivation is to follow the scientific and technological developments at the same speed, to enrich my professional experience and knowledge with what I have filtered from them, to continue to serve my clients above world standards and to see that the service we provide turns into a real smile on people's faces.

It is a great pleasure for me and my team to host you in our clinic, where I guarantee that you will be satisfied at every stage. On behalf of myself and my team, I would like to emphasize that we look forward to welcoming you to "experience and knowledge enlightened by the light of science".

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